• Код: OSTC sport
  • Производител: Heinrichs Weikamp
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
  • Оценка: Оценка: 06
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Our OSTC sport is the perfect fit for recreational divers who want the features of the OSTC dive computers. The OSTC sport is based on the hardware and firmware of the OSTC 3.

Цена: 1,070.00лв.

Nitrox-capable recreational diving computer based on the OSTC 3 technology 3 gases for a given dive, apnea mode, gradient factors, suitable for depths of up to 70 metres, Bluetooth, 3D-compass with tilt compensation.
Information is displayed in large fonts on a high-resolution IPS LCD Monitor with ambient light sensor
Compact and robust, it is suitable for depths of up to 70 metres and incorporates a 3D compass. The firmware has a wide array of configuration options and additional functions such as an apnea mode. The OSTC sport supports Nitrox (Up to 100) and allows to pre-set a maximum of three gases for a given dive. Decompression stops are calculated using either the classic Bühlmann model or gradient factors.

Benefiting from a simple power concept, the OSTC sport finds what it needs in e.g. an easily replaceable AA battery. The internal logbook records up to 1000 hours of diving and is complemented by a variety of third-party software for all computer operating systems. Developed and produced entirely in Germany, the OSTC sport is backed by years of experience and continuous improvements. Last but not least, it comes with free firmware updates, an interactive user forum, rapid service and competent support.

Connection to PC software to download dives or configure OSTC settings is made using Bluetooth. Despite the new interface, the OSTC sport is compatible to all OSTC 3-compatible software.

LCD Monitor
High resolution IPS LCD Monitor
with ambient light sensor
Field of view: 160°
Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixel
Status display: 2 LEDs

Bungee-Mount included
Bungee cords with a thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm can be used with the included bungee mount.

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